Your Springboard for Learning in Bodywork and Movement

We are very pleased to announce that we are now the distributors in Europe and North America of the fantastic A-Z Pocketbooks published in Australia by Amanda Neill, Anatomist, Pathologist, Medical and Health Educator.

The 16 titles offer healthcare students comprehensive coverage of body systems in a spiral bound format with clearly labelled, full colour illustrations on every page. They are an ideal study and revision companion and they are a great source of easily understandable information for practitioners and their clients. We are in the middle of a campaign of getting inspection copies into the hands of lecturers and librarians in schools of physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and sports therapy around the UK. Click here if you would like to request inspection copies of any title.

Rachel Fairweather, Director of Jing Advanced Massage, shares her thoughts on the books.

‘I absolutely love this series of pocket size anatomy and palpation guides. As Director of Jing Advanced Massage, a large massage school that works with a range of students from beginners right up to degree level standard, they are an invaluable resource for students at all stages of their training. Their appeal first of all lies in the size (it really does fit into a pocket! Well a big one anyway…) which means they can be carried around for study in trains, planes, automobiles, or a reference guide while in clinic; secondly in the clear layout (not too much information on any one page and great illustrations); and thirdly in the content which is totally comprehensive. These are actually a great alternative to anatomy apps on tablets for those of us who still prefer a good old fashioned beautiful book to electronic devices.

My personal favourite for massage students is the A to Z of surface anatomy which actually shows the reader clearly where muscles and other important anatomical structures are found on the body- this element is usually lacking in traditional anatomy books. I recommend this one to my students alongside the A to Z of skeletal muscles and the A to Z of bones, joints ligaments. The three of these forms an extremely comprehensive anatomy resource for most students. For the advanced student the A to Z of peripheral nerves is a great addition also.

I would highly recommend these books for any bodyworker – great price, great content, great size – whats not to like?!’

We really hope bodyworkers, students and practitioners of manual and movement therapies will enjoy getting their hands on these lovely, practical books. See the full list and key features below for further details.







Titles in the Series

The A to Z of Surface Anatomy

The A to Z of Peripheral Nerves

The A to Z of the Skeletal Muscles

The A to Z of Bones, Joints and Ligaments and the Back

The A to Z of Hair, Nails & Skin

The A to Z of Bone and Joint Failure

The A to Z of the Heart

The A to Z of the Digestive Tract

The A to Z of Head and Neck – Bones and Muscles

The A to Z of the Brain and Cranial Nerves

The A to Z of Medical Terms

The A to Z of Endocrinology

The A to Z of the Major Organs

The A to Z of the Reproductive and Sexual Organs

The A to Z of Eyes

The A to Z of Respiration

Key Features of the A to Z Pocketbooks

  • 16 subject based reference books dealing mainly with anatomy of various systems of the human body
  • An ideal introduction to the subject for medical, nursing and healthcare students, including students of manual therapies, massage therapy, kinesiology, sports massage therapy, bodywork and movement teachers
  • Full color Illustrations on every pagewith numbered labels for easy recall and space to write notes, making them an ideal student aid that genuinely fits in your pocket!
  • Spiral bound with a wrap around cover meaning you can lie them flat for study but also place on a shelf with the title still visible!
  • The series includes 16 individual spiral-bound, reference books arranged alphabetically for ease of learning, developed by Dr Amanda Neill in collaboration with students.