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A review of Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation and Wellness Care by Ginger Garnerby Dr Jordan CordozaOwner/Physical therapist at BasicMVMT Physical therapy and Sports Performance


Garner - Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a scientific and researched based read that is set up in an easy-to-read format.  It provides practical knowledge to both the rehabilitation professional, such as a physical therapist, and yoga instructor/therapist on how to better benefit the lives of their clients through therapeutic yoga. It seemed to really bridge the gap between the two professions to allow them to work together to benefit the patient.  This book includes 381 pages of researched based knowledge including helpful pictures demonstrating the examples of poses. Intuitively, she also includes free codes that you can scan with your phone that will take you to a video demonstration on many of the poses.  Additionally, the book includes a glossary to explain the medical and yoga related terms for the readers.  The author, Ginger Garner, is a women’s health and sports medicine physical therapist and athletic trainer, founder of The Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and creator of the Professional Yoga Therapist Certification for healthcare professionals.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga does a fantastic job covering the basis for both vocations.  As a physical therapist, I appreciated the emphasis of incorporating proper diaphragmatic breathing into treatment because, in my experience, lack of proper breathing technique is a lead cause of patient’s pain.  It covers the full and scaled versions of standing, seated, supine, prone, and semi-inverted poses which instructs physical therapists on how to progress or regress poses to meet the patient’s needs . I especially liked the section of each pose Garner refers to as the “therapeutic intention” because it breaks down how to use the pose in rehabilitation and how it affects each area of the body.  The book uses the language of a rehab professional and refers to special tests commonly used in the orthopedic setting. Garner does a fantastic job illustrating the different poses that assist with rehabilitation through tests that many physical therapists may already use in their practice.

Dr Jordan CordozaOwner/Physical therapist at BasicMVMT Physical therapy and Sports Performance, November 2017