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About Handspring

About Handspring

What we produce is

  • Highly accessible. Making educational content ‘live’; ensuring that  our products are as easy as possible to learn from. These have been the pillars of our publishing existence, reflected in the success of the myriad health textbooks developed by us in our previous careers.
  • Easily applied.  ‘How does this relate to me in my practice?’ Our product will contain material that helps our customers achieve better outcomes with their clients.
  • Research-based. This will be reflected in the way our books are written, with clear emphasis on available evidence.

We operate globally, from a base in rural East Lothian, Scotland, UK.  Our customers and authors are all over the world; we believe that technology and enthusiasm make distance irrelevant; and enable small, focused organisations to offer a more effective service than many of their larger competitors.

Who we are

The three principals of Handspring Publishing (see People) hold a clear view of publishing as an art, as well as a science; as a human and intellectual enterprise as well as a business.

We share:

  • a vision of the business as a partnership between author and publisher
  • an obsession with supporting authors in the often lonely process of writing
  • an intense focus on quality – on getting things right for the customer
  • an ambition to find new and better ways of satisfying the needs of our readers.

Writing a book, editing a journal, is intensely hard work. But it can – should – be hugely rewarding to be part of the process of spreading knowledge and fostering the promotion of health care. And it can even be fun!  Our goal is to help authors reap those rewards and enjoy the process as much as we do.


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