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Celebrating Success!

On Tuesday 19 November 2019 students and staff within Applied Sport and Exercise Science along with the wider University of East London community gathered to celebrate the success of Earle Abrahamson and Jane Langston’s new book Muscle Testing: A Concise Manual, published by Handspring Publishing.

Muscle Testing: A Concise Manual describes the structure, location and function of the most frequently tested muscles, together with their muscle testing techniques using various methods and styles of testing. Designed to be a useful guide in clinic, it includes clinical hints and tips. Beautiful diagrams help provide explanations to clients and patients. The text is supplemented by video clips demonstrating each muscle test and there are two forewords written by prominent international sports medicine experts, who each welcome the arrival of the book.

Attendees welcomed guest speakers Gary Lewin, former England, Arsenal and West Ham United Physiotherapist. Gary spoke positively about professional practice and the potential for partnership and collaboration in providing sport and exercise science services to the public. His address spoke to the value of using muscle testing effectively in the assessment and treatment of athletic injury.

This was confirmed by the second guest of the event Gareth Ziyambi, physiotherapist for British Diving. Gareth motivated the audience and echoed the importance of using muscle testing for not only assessing muscular function but more importantly designing effectively rehabilitation and performance objectives.

During the launch, Abrahamson and Langston commented ‘It is wonderful to see so many students and practitioners use the book for learning and practice. It fulfils the primary purpose of writing the text’.

The event was well received by all who attended.

Jane Langston, Earle Abrahamson, Gareth Ziyambi and colleague!

Books ready for signing for enthusiastic students and colleagues!

Earle Abrahamson, Gary Lewin, Jane Langston