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Chronic Pain: A resource for effective manual therapy

We are delighted to share this positive and informative book review by Tobias K. Dobler, DHSc, BSc Ost of Chronic pain: A resource for effective manual therapy by Philip Austin DO PhD.


Combining his personal experience as an osteopath with clinical research into levels of internal pain modulation in patients suffering from chronic pain, Dr Philip Austin uniquely presents the scientific basis and clinical presentations of chronic pain. By doing this, he has created an important resource for those trying to understand the neurophysiology, epidemiology and psychologic aspects of chronic pain and who are also interested in clinical aspects of eg chronic visceral and neuropathic pain.

The book is in depth but manages to focus on relevant and comprehensible information. Summaries of each chapter allow the reader to gather the most significant facts. Ample references are presented and both indicate the width of research used as the basis for the book as well as pointing the reader towards literature for further reading.

The part on clinical presentations investigates  mechanisms of pain, clinical diagnostic procedures and treatments eg pharmacological as well as psychological and manual approaches.

I highly recommend this book to any practitioner of manual medicine as a valuable tool to understand chronic pain better and to put this knowledge into daily practice.

Tobias K. Dobler, DHSc, BSc Ost