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Continuing Professional Development


Click here for details of our new series of free webinars for bodywork and movement professionals, Moved to Learn!. Join movement educators and manual therapists in Handspring’s global forum for a series of conversations that bring you expert guidance in how to enhance your practice. These free events, hosted by Elizabeth Larkam, include a mix of conversation, presentation, directed practice, and Q&A.


Pilates Applications for Health Conditions is a monthly webinar series featuring Handspring authors, Madeline Black and Elizabeth Larkam. Together Elizabeth and Madeline explore the history of Pilates research as they prepare the ground for a new book they are developing along with expert contributors. Pilates Applications for Health Conditions: Case Reports and Perspectives (due 2021) seeks to make an important contribution to the evolution of the Pilates profession. Click here for details of these events.


Educational events, conferences, podcasts and programs:

 Email info@handspringpublishing.com to tell us about educational events and online learning for bodyworkers and movement professionals and we will be happy to share details.