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Ode to a tired author

Last Monday I wrote out ten pages
They seemed to take ages and ages
On Tuesday I read them to Ben
And decided to write them again
On Wednesday I found myself daunted
By the themes with which I am haunted
On Thursday I wrote them all down
And then realised with a frown
That on Friday a week’s work was finished
And the scale of the task was diminished
By nothing more fruitful than fretting
And too much self critical vetting
So I made myself write, through most of the night
And I’m writing without ever letting
Myself off the hook, till the end of this book
And the 3 chapters done that you’re getting
On monday….

This salutory ode was written by Joanne Avison, mother, yoga teacher and practitioner, author, and much more besides. Jo – your publisher salutes you!