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Jennifer GIANNI

Jennifer GIANNI


Jennifer Gianni M.Ed., NCPT, Balanced Body Master Instructor, SmartSpine Faculty created the Fusion Pilates Pre and Postnatal Movement Specialist teacher training program.  This curriculum provides instruction to movement teachers, clinicians, and birth professionals which enables them to improve client outcomes during pregnancy, labor, and the postnatal stage by teaching current movement science for the pregnant and birthing body. Jennifer’s approach is interdisciplinary and layered. Since it is grounded in the real world and common-sense approaches, it creates change in daily movement strategies, efficiency, and ease in the body. This type of approach is of particular importance when one is instructing a pre or postnatal client due to the enormous and constant changes in the body over very short periods of time.

Jennifer has over thirty years of experience in the movement world and has been training teachers in pre and postnatal movement for over twenty-three years.  Her teaching fosters connection, self-regulation, and discovery. It is rooted in the ever-changing awareness of anatomy and the body in motion.

Jennifer has presented at Pilates on Tour yearly for more than a decade and has also presented at several Pilates Method Alliance conferences. She continues to teach throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Moscow, London, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, and Singapore. Her work has been published in several magazines including FitPregnancy, Shape Magazine, and Pilates Style. Jennifer Gianni is the owner/creator and director of FusionPilatesEDU.com.

Jennifer’s passion is acting as a mentor and guide to the numerous brilliant movement practitioners that study with her both in her Grow mentorship program and in the Pre and Postnatal Movement Specialist course. This book is dedicated to these very special people.

For more information about Jennifer and her in-person and online classes and courses visit FusionPilatesEDU.com; FusionTeacherTraining.com; and FusionPilatesAsheville.com.

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