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Leila Stuart BA, LLB, C-IAYT is an international experiential anatomy and yoga therapy teacher, online educator and conference presenter. She co-authored Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease with Donna Farhi in 2017. She is also a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in neuromuscular and craniosacral therapy and has practiced and taught yoga for over 40 years. In her dedicated yoga therapy studio near Vancouver, BC, she attracts students with a degree of pain or disability not generally addressed in regular yoga classes.

As a teacher of teachers, Leila developed and taught an innovative Yoga Therapist training for 15 years. The course combined experiential anatomy, somatic repatterning and embodiment of the deeper teachings of yoga as pathways to self-healing. She now teaches this comprehensive body of work internationally. Leila’s work draws from various movement disciplines including Yoga, Embodied Practice, Sensory Awareness, Body Mind Centering and Feldenkrais.

As a teacher, Leila guides students to cultivate an embodied experience of their own anatomy through interoceptive awareness and somatic inquiry. By developing a felt-sense of their living anatomy and accessing inherent body wisdom, students become active participants in their own healing process. The physical body then becomes the doorway to transformation and living from the deepest self. With a deep love and intuitive knowledge of experiential anatomy, Leila specializes in translating academic information into somatic awareness and life-changing experience.


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