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Dr Gerwin is a board certified neurologist who had an NIH fellowship, then entered private practice in 1973, and later joined Johns Hopkins as a part-time faculty member. He has held a neurology pain clinic at Johns Hopkins for many years. He learned myofascial pain under the tutelage of Drs Janet Travell and David Simon. He has practiced myofascial pain medicine as part of his clinical neurologic practice for over 4 decades. He instituted a series of international pain conferences in the 1990’s. He began teaching seminars on myofascial pain, a program that in association with his colleague Dr Jan Dommerholt developed into the now highly successful teaching program known as Myopain Seminars. He has taught workshops on myofascial pain and lectured on myofascial pain worldwide. Dr Gerwin has published numerous articles on myofascial pain and written numerous book chapters on the subject. He contributed to the second and third editions of the Simons, Travell, Simons text: Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction. He has co-edited 4 publications on myofascial pain. Dr Gerwin remains active teaching, writing, and collaborating on studies in the field of myofascial pain. He is past president of the International Myopain Society. He is section editor for musculoskeletal pain for the journal Pain Medicine.  

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