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Pilates Applications for Health Conditions


Join Handspring authors, Madeline Black (Centered) and Elizabeth Larkam (Fascia in Motion) in this new series of webinars focusing on Pilates Applications for Health Conditions.

Each episode is part of a discussion in advance of 2021 publication of Pilates Applications for Health Conditions: Case reports and perspectives, which will be edited by Madeline and Elizabeth and contributed to by each of our webinar guests.

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Next episodes in Pilates Applications for Health Conditions…

Episode 8, December 9 (8am PDT/ 11am EDT/ 4pm BST) – Pilates Application for Training Elite Athletes with Ann McMillan

We are delighted to welcome Ann McMillan to Pilates Applications for Health Conditions on December 9 to discuss and demonstrate Pilates Applications for Training Elite Athletes. Ann is a Pilates coach to Olympic and elite technical artistic sports athletes including gymnasts, figure skaters, artistic swimmers, mogul skiers and divers. A second generation Master Trainer, Ann started Pilates with Romana in NYC in 1986. She completed a Masters in Exercise Science that linked Pilates to improving posture in ballet. Ann lectures and trains instructors internationally. Join Ann with Madeline and Elizabeth to learn more about working with elite athletes.

Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Xov-vcwNSAKUQ8NVajYIvg


View previous webinars in the Pilates Applications for Health Conditions series…

Episode 7 – Madeline and Elizabeth were joined in this episode by Rebekah Rotstein, a leading voice for movement and bone health education. Rebekah is the creator of the medically-endorsed Buff Bones® system, with hundreds of trained instructors around the world. She partnered with Hartford Hospital’s Bone and Joint Institute to conduct a pilot study with Buff Bones for underserved populations and helped spearhead their in-house bone-safe classes for the community.  Her own diagnosis of osteoporosis at age 28 led her to advocate for others with low bone mass and to provide innovative education and programming for them. With a varied interest in the body and integrated movement, she has participated in eight cadaver dissections with Gil Hedley and John Sharkey and completed programs and coursework in fascia research, somatic studies, and visceral manipulation. Rebekah was one of the first visiting instructors at Pilates Anytime, is a long-standing ambassador for American Bone Health and worked as a partner of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.



Episode 6 – In this episode, Madeline and Elizabeth were joined by movement maverick Kelly Kane.  Kelly is on a quest to review and resource all of the content and research on aging well, specifically the research that is conducted for and by women. She was delighted to join Madeline and Elizabeth to share and explore her findings!


Episode 5 – Madeline and Elizabeth were joined by Christine Egan PT MPH C/NDT. Christine is a Pediatric Physical Therapist.  Christine shared her extensive experience of working with children and young people, including consideration of movement choices for Pilates teachers working with younger people. She also talked about how Telehealth has impacted her work with children in recent times and we will get insight into her fantastic series ‘Local Heroes’.


Episode 4 – Madeline and Elizabeth were joined by Glaucia Adriana PT, a leading Pilates educator based in Brasilia. As the contributing author of the case report on Pilates and Respiratory Conditions, Glaucia discussed her work with patients and clients in her Brasilia studio, explaining her observations of the efficacy of Pilates for respiratory conditions, as well as the effects of the pandemic on Pilates practice and education.


Episode 3 – Elizabeth and Madeline were joined by Dr Diedra Manns to discuss Dr Diedra’s personal and professional perspectives on Pilates for breast cancer,  the focus of her chapter in the forthcoming book, Pilates Applications for Health Conditions: Case Reports and Perspectives. Thanks to Diedra for joining us! 


Episode 2 – Elizabeth and Madeline were joined by John Howard Steel, advocate and author of Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates & His Legacy. Thanks to John for joining us and for his very personal reminiscences of his time with Joseph Pilates.


Episode 1 – Elizabeth and Madeline explore the history of research in the Pilates field through an engaging mixture of discussion, practice and Q&A.

Resources for Pilates Applications for Health Conditions – episode 1

Studies that link gait deficiencies and speed with early neurological disease and survival of older adults –

NB  There is a strong positive relationship between dorsiflexion and MFC. Ankle dorsiflexion was the most predictive variable over MFC.

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