Paperback, eBook
About 80 line drawings; over 500 photographs
246 x 189
22 September 2015
Handspring Publishing

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Pilates, Yoga, Movement, Sport and Fitness, Mind-body Therapies

Centered: Organizing the Body through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques

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Madeline BLACK

Madeline Black’s life pursuit is the discovery of how the human body moves.

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This book provides a complete picture demonstrating the complex interconnectedness of the musculature, fascia, and joints, and the implication of these deeply intertwined systems for movement through Pilates, yoga, and other fitness disciplines.

Black’s richly illustrated presentation style will allow the instructor to grasp the biomechanics underlying posture and dysfunction and hence to enable change and improvement.



Part 1: Starting at the Base: Sole to Spine

Chapter 1: Our Base

Chapter 2: Motion of the Leg

Chapter 3: Whole Lower Chain

Part 2: Pivotal Point: Where the ribs meet the lower spine

Chapter 4: Trunk Connection

Chapter 5: Ribs Inspired: The diaphragm as a breathing and postural muscle

Part 3: Resilient Shoulders to Head

Chapter 6: Resilient Shoulders

Chapter 7: Weight Bearing on the Hands

Chapter 8: Movement of the Head and Neck

Part 4: The Whole Body Conclusion

Chapter 9: Perception and Felt Sense


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