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18 December 2018
Handspring Publishing

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Yoga, Movement, Mind-body Therapies, Dance

Embody the Skeleton

A guide for conscious movement

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Mark C. Taylor is a somatic movement educator and therapist. Originally a choreographer, dance company director, and movement educator, he served on the faculties of Princeton University (USA) and the University of Limerick (Ireland).

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Somatic Movement Education allows efficient movement patterns to replace inefficient ones, resulting in ease of movement, more functional postural alignment, and the creation of space for the healing response of cellular and tissue reorganization. This book provides clear experiential guidance for embodiment of the skeletal system, through movement facilitation, hands-on facilitation, and movement meditations, supported by essential anatomical information and illustrations. Intended as a guide for movement practitioners, educators, and therapists in many disciplines and by anyone interested in mindful movement, the book addresses the healthy embodiment of each bone and joint in the body as well as techniques for bringing awareness to the skeletal system as a whole. The book is accompanied by a series of recorded movement meditations guided by the author.

I. The Skeleton in Context of Body Systems and Developmental Movement
II. The Basics (of Bone)
III. Skeletal Principles in Movement, Touch, and Vibration
IV. The Lower Extremities
V. Skeletal Integration: Foot to Pelvis
VI. The Upper Extremities
VII. Integration of the Upper Extremities
VIII. The Vertebral Column and the Skull
IX. Working With the Bones: Educating Our Students and Ourselves

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