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16 December 2013
Handspring Publishing

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Mind-body Therapies, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy

Energetic Kinesiology

Principles and Practice

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Charles KREBS

Charles T Krebs PhD is a biologist and applied physiologist, and one of the founders of the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP) a program for the correction of most learning problems.

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Tania O’Neill McGOWAN

Owner-manager of O'Neill Kinesiology College, in Perth, Western Australia, Tania has developed one of the first Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology training programs and is currently developing the world’s first Graduate Diploma of Kinesiology qualification.

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Energetic Kinesiology is an emerging field internationally in the Complementary Health Sciences, gaining more and more scientific support and recognition. This fully referenced textbook describes the field and explains the techniques upon which it is built.

It covers the underlying principles, the methods and scientific support for the efficacy of Energetic Kinesiology. It also offers a unique history of Energetic Kinesiology based on the first-hand experience of Charles Krebs who knew most of the originators of Energetic Kinesiology techniques personally.

It is a unique, well-illustrated, single source of a vast array of information, research and clinical knowledge in a format that is both accessible and practical to clinicians and students.

Review from Joann Farkas, Holistic Counsellor, Wellness Coach and Student of Kinesiology in Perth, Australia

Energetic Kinesiology is an incredibly insightful, informative, and for me personally, reassuring read. Working with the physical body and the subtle, interconnected energy bodies can be challenging and requires exploration firstly within one’s own being before turning our attention to others. This book gave me the words and an in-depth understanding of an intricately designed energetic system within each and every individual. Charles & Tania have carefully and successfully combined wit, knowledge and easy explanation to deliver a handbook that will expand and benefit all practitioners, not only in the field of Kinesiology, but for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the human experience.’

Section 1 Understanding Kinesiology
Section 2 The Energetic Structures of Man
Section 3 Muscle Monitoring
Section 4 Digital Indicators
Section 5 Client Assessment
Section 6 Information Gathering; ‘Set-Up’
Section 7 Core Correction Techniques
Section 8 Concluding Sessions
Section 9 A Model for Energetic Healing

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