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About 140 line drawings and photographs
250 x 250 mm
29 September 2017
Handspring Publishing

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Pilates, Movement

Fascia in Motion

Fascia-focused movement for Pilates

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Elizabeth LARKAM

Elizabeth Larkam is internationally recognized as an innovator of movement education.

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This beautifully illustrated volume provides a comprehensive guide to fascia-focused movement in original and contemporary Pilates mat, reformer, and studio applications. Each of the book’s 14 chapters illustrates how each principle of fascia-focused movement is expressed in Pilates exercise. In addition to a comprehensive exercise compendium, Fascia in Motion includes chapters on specialized applications of fascia-focused movement in Pilates including:

  • Pilates fascia-focused movement for aging well
  • Pilates fascia-focused movement for computer posture
  • Pilates fascia-focused movement for osteoporosis
  • Pilates fascia-focused movement for hip and knee replacement

The text is supplemented with links to video of Elizabeth Larkam demonstrating each of the exercises personally. A truly stunning achievement and the synthesis of a lifetime’s dedication to the art and science of Pilates.

What Pilates Style magazine says about Fascia in Motion: Fascia-focused movement for Pilates…

WHY WE LOVE IT   This comprehensive guide to fascia-focused Pilates movement represents a lifetime of Larkam’s work, complete with color photographs and tables documenting the requirements, intent, attributes and outcome of hundreds of movements in exquisite detail.

Section I: Theory and Practice

  1. The fascial system, a whole-body organ of communication
  2. Joseph H. Pilates, creator of movement, inventor of exercise apparatus
  3. H. Pilates mat exercises, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  4. Fascia-focused mat exercises
  5. H. Pilates reformer exercises, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  6. Fascia-focused reformer exercises
  7. H. Pilates chair, trapeze table and barrels exercises, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  8. Fascia-focused exercises for the chair, trapeze table and barrel

Section II: Specialized Applications

  1. H. Pilates and fascia-focused auxiliary equipment exercises
  2. Posture adaptations to technological devices with screen interfaces, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  3. Aging well, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  4. Bone health, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  5. Knee and hip resurfacing and replacement, a fascia-focused movement perspective
  6. Gait, a fascia-focused movement perspective

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