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Paperback, eBook
100 black and white illustrations
11 September 2018
Handspring Publishing

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Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sport and Fitness, Movement

The Accidental Business Owner

A friendly guide to success for health and wellness practitioners

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Kelly Bowers practises as a massage therapist in Durham NC and teaches basic business courses around the country.

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A practical and easily accessible guide for bodyworkers and movement teachers, including massage therapists and all other complementary therapists, to the setting up and running of a private practice in order to make it into a successful business.

This book is for people who wish they didn’t need this book; for people who wish that their passion for their work was all they need to run a business but have learned that it is not. This book provides guidance to give the reader a head for business while maintaining their heart for their work.

Filled with practical real-world explanations of basic business skills, it is written with warmth, humor, and an appreciation for the heart-led work of everyone in the health and wellness world. From bookkeeping to financing, business plans to contracts, the reader will find answers to the most basic questions: where do I start and how do I do that?

When you love your healing work and need to learn how to run your business this book is the friend you need.


Claim your inner business owner

Designing your practice

Demystifying business plans

Bookkeeping, taxes and deductions (Oh, My!)

Making money

How are you doing?

Who’s the boss? Working for others

Marketing in the real world

Big dreams, small wallet: Financing your business

Being a good person isn’t enough: Business ethics

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