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Paperback, eBook
389 photographs and 61 line drawings
246 x 189 mm
5 August 2015
Handspring Publishing

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Massage Therapy, Sport and Fitness, Physical Therapy

Massage Fusion

The JING method for the treatment of chronic pain

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Rachel is the Co-Director and Founder of the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

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Meghan MARI

Meghan has had successful private massage practices focusing on sports and injury prevention in San Francisco and New York.

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Massage Fusion is an essential companion for any manual therapist interested in treating common pain issues.

Acclaimed teachers and therapists, Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari offer a practical and dynamic step-by-step approach to gaining results with persistent client problems such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ disorders, stress-related conditions and stubborn sporting injuries.

The book outlines a clear and evidence-based rationale to treatment using a clinically tried and tested combination of advanced massage techniques including myofascial work, trigger point therapy, acupressure, stretching and client self-care suggestions.

Named after the authors’ successful UK based training company, the ‘Jing method’ has helped thousands of therapists build their practices. Beautifully illustrated with clear photographs of each step, this book gives massage therapists a tried and tested blueprint for approaching chronic pain conditions with confidence.

Drawing on both the available evidence and several decades of clinical experience, Massage Fusion brings together art and science, East and West, philosophy and psychology into a joyful exploration of how to gain the best results for your clients. A must read for all bodyworkers who want to be the best!

Guidance for Massage Teachers





Dedications and Acknowledgements


Section 1

Chapter 1 Massage fusion: The art and science of a multi-modal approach to massage therapy

Chapter 2 Back to basics: The art of advanced massage

Chapter 3 Working with emotions in bodywork

Chapter 4 Chronic pain: Are the issues in the tissues or is the pain in the brain?

Section 2

Chapter 5 Clinical assessment

Chapter 6 The warm-up act: The power of hot and cold in advanced clinical massage

Chapter 7 Dedicated followers of fascia: The background and practice of fascial therapies

Chapter 8 Trigger happy! The art and science of trigger point therapy

Chapter 9 Meridian magic! Using meridians and acupressure points in massage

Chapter 10 Stretching the truth: What the new evidence tells us about stretching

Chapter 11 The importance of teaching self care

Section 3

Chapter 12 Low back pain protocol

Chapter 13 Neck and shoulder pain protocol

Chapter 14 Shoulder girdle pain protocol

Chapter 15 Forearm and wrist pain protocol

Chapter 16 Hip and pelvis pain protocol

Chapter 17 Leg, knee and foot pain protocol

Chapter 18 Temporomandibular joint pain protocol

Chapter 19 Stress and chronic pain protocol


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