Paperback, eBook
About 80 line drawings and photographs
246 x 189
25 March 2019
Handspring Publishing

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Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Sport and Fitness, Biology

Nutrition for Physical and Manual Therapists

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Adam Cunliffe is a researcher and educator, teaching at major London universities.

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This is an approachable, evidence-based account of the elements of nutritional science of interest and practical use to manual therapists. While some scientific background/training is assumed, the text aims to contextualize and demystify the relevant data and perspectives from the extant literature into a useful, readable volume. The author covers a range of topics starting with basic and applied principles, disease prophylaxis, through management of common disorders, to ‘hand on the door’ questions, as experienced by those in clinical practice.

While there are many nutrition texts available, there is no factual, practical guide to the pertinent elements of nutrition, specifically written with manual therapists in mind. This book provides both a one stop reference for multiple clinical situations and a primer for further reading for those with an interest in developing their knowledge.


Chapter 1. Assessing Nutrition Status

Chapter 2. Musculoskeletal system

Chapter 3. Gastrointestinal System

Chapter 4. Cardiovascular System

Chapter 5. Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Chapter 6. Cancer

Chapter 7. Eating Disorders

Chapter 8. Allergy and Intolerance

Chapter 9. Sports Nutrition

Chapter 10. Nutrition and Ageing



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