77 full colour line drawings and 65 full colour photos
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4 March 2019
Handspring Publishing

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Yoga, Movement, Dance

Spiral Bound

Integrated anatomy for yoga

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Karen Kirkness MFA, MSc, E-RYT 500, is an artist and yoga anatomy investigator holding two masters degrees, one in fine art and the other a master of science in human anatomy.

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Spiral Bound – Biotensegrity for Yoga is an anatomy book for yoga practitioners and interested movement teachers. Biotensegrity represents a paradigm shift in anatomy and biomechanics, and is transforming attitudes towards body architecture across disciplines. Spiral Bound addresses the biotensegrity concepts relevant to yoga practitioners on a practical level, in particular the helical tendencies of tissues, in a straightforward and visually engaging format.

The biotensegrity principle is used to show the helical design of the human body in asana, and chart the body as such in its journey through a series of asanas. In this sense, the concept is highly visual and the substantial offering therein is demonstrated through photos and illustrative diagrams. Biotensegrity offers a transformational new approach to anatomy that brings together geometry, physics, and life sciences in an approachable and holistic way perfect for yoga teachers.

The book offers a light yet substantive treatment introducing biotensegrity as a subject to make it understandable for non-scientists, yet full of relevant references for continued study. Overall, this book is an essential for yoga teachers and practitioners with a passion for understanding the human body in the spirit of safe and progressive asana practice.

The book:

  • brings biotensegrity and yoga together conceptually as the natural next step
  • carefully curated photos, illustrations, and diagrams bring this highly visual content to life in pictures that engage every learning style
  • provides accessory digital content in the form of short demonstrative videos to further illustrate the written and visual content
  • links the technical concepts of biotensegrity with a practical approach to understanding the mechanics of yoga practice
  • bridges the gap between the technical western analysis of biomechanics and the eastern practice of yoga
  • offers a practical approach toward integrating biotensegrity into any style of yoga instruction

Chapter 1: Biotensegrity
Chapter 2: The extracellular matrix
Chapter 3: Nature designs spirals
Chapter 4: The Helical Matrix
Chapter 5: The spirals at play in yoga
Chapter 6: Teaching from the centre
Chapter 7: Shape-shifting


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