Paperback, eBook
About 400 full-colour photographs and drawings
246 x 189
Not yet published
10 October 2019
Handspring Publishing

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Pilates, Yoga, Sport and Fitness, Movement

The Power and the Grace

A Professional's Guide to Ease and Efficiency in Functional Movement

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International movement expert Joanne Elphinston is a consultant physiotherapist specializing in chronic and persistent neuromusculoskeletal conditions...

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Designed for Pilates and yoga teachers, health and rehabilitation professionals, The Power and the Grace demystifies functional movement and integrates the science of movement with the art of teaching it. It aims to help the holistically minded movement professional achieve rewarding results in neuromuscular function. From brain science to physics, fascia to emotion, this book distils a seemingly complex field into a practical and instantly usable approach that will resonate with movement teachers at all levels of experience. Find the color in your language; learn the difference between talking to the brain or to the mind; and discover how to communicate the intention and sense of a movement with ease!

Chapter 1 The movement kaleidoscope
Chapter 2 Moving the brain
Chapter 3 Dancing with Forces
Chapter 4 Myofascial magic
Chapter 5 Vibrant self carriage
Chapter 6 Locks and keys
Chapter 7 The living spine
Chapter 8 Control through ease
Chapter 9 Base notes
Chapter 10 Ups and downs: mastering the vertical
Chapter 11 A leg to stand on
Chapter 12 Elegant, effective gait
Chapter 13 A shoulder to lean on
Chapter 14 Winning our wings
Chapter 15 Speaking the brain’s language
Chapter 16 Reflections

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