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26 October 2018
Handspring Publishing

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Yoga, Mind-body Therapies, Movement

Yoga for Mental Health

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Heather MASON

Heather Mason is a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist, and a MBCT facilitator. She is the founder of the Minded Institute.

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Kelly Birch has a master’s in clinical mental health counseling and is a National Certified Counselor with an integrative psychotherapy practice.

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Yoga is a comprehensive mind-body practice that is particularly effective for self-regulation, mood management, fostering resilience, and promotion of wellbeing. Inherently, yoga is a system for improving mental health and alleviating suffering at the deepest levels.  Consequently, yoga’s potential as a key component of integrative and complementary mental health is now being recognized internationally.  This book serves as a reference, but also as a bridge between yoga therapy and healthcare, helping to add to the process of growing integration. It provides a professional resource for mental health professionals interested in the potential for yoga interventions that facilitate the therapeutic process, and who want to learn ways in which yoga can catalyze and deepen this process across a broad spectrum of mental health approaches. Similarly for yoga professionals with a focus on mental health and wellbeing who want to expand their understanding of how yoga relates to mental health approaches and their knowledge of best practices

The format is designed for consistency and ease of reading. Chapter 1 introduces the reader to the yogic viewpoint of mental health and wellbeing, and the psychological and neurological rationale for yoga’s usage in mental health conditions.  Each subsequent chapter is organized into a clinical overview of mental health conditions, followed by sections on current research and the rationale for incorporating yoga into the treatment of the condition, recommended yoga practices, and future directions.


Introduction Heather Mason & Janice White

Anxiety Patricia Gerbarg & Heather Mason

Depression Holger Cramer & Amy Weintraub (with Heather Mason)

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Lana jackson & Lucy Arnsby-Wilson

Insomnia Sat Bir Singh Khalsa & Lisa Sanfilippo

Trauma Dana Moore & Daniel J Libby

Eating Disorders Laura Douglass & Samantha Bottrill

Schizophrenia Shivarama Varambally & Elizabeth Visceglia

Children and Adolescents Lisa Kaley-Isley & Michelle Fury

Overview and Future Directions Kelly Birch & Catherine Cook-Cottone


Yoga Scotland Review 1.16

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