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Published! Fascial Stretch Therapy™, 2nd edition

Christopher FrederickAnn FrederickThe beautiful new edition of Fascial Stretch Therapy™, written by Ann and Chris Frederick, directors of the Stretch to Win® Institute, is packed with theory and practice, including a host of beautifully illustrated assisted stretches.



Highly successful in its first edition, Fascial Stretch Therapy™, Second edition is a practical and highly applicable manual for any massage therapist, movement instructor, physical or occupational therapist, athletic or sports trainer, fitness instructor or osteopath – in fact for any hands-on practitioners who wants to learn new skills and improve therapeutic outcomes. It clearly demonstrates how FST™ assessment, treatment, and training are used in a variety of common circumstances encountered in manual therapy and athletic training.



What’s new for the second edition…

  • Discusses a very brief history of a still expanding and evolving new industry of assisted stretching. It also covers the negative aspects of this trend, including the lack of assessments and specificity and common stretching methods. Approaches are listed so you can compare and contrast.
  • Includes a new Chapter 2 with updates of the highest quality evidence-based research useful to the field of assisted stretching. It includes the authors’ own research about the effects of FST™ on chronic nonspecific low back pain as well as a discussion about a recent systematic review of the acute effects of muscle stretching on physical performance range of motion, and injury incidence in healthy active individuals.
  • Lists contraindications and indications for FST™ along with new updates to reflect current understandings (e.g. about Golgi tendon organs) with supporting references.
  • Shows how this method will save you time when forming a working hypothesis that will quickly be proven or disproven so that you will have enough time to develop other hypotheses that you can test for efficacy, all within a single session.
  • Includes new photographs and artwork along with new titles to reflect the change in nomenclature from the use of the term ‘fascial line(s)’ to ‘fascial net(s)’.


Preview the second edition of Fascial Stretch Therapy™ here…

Handspring Publishing, Edinburgh, July 2020