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The Planned and the Serendipitous!

One look at the program lineup and it was obvious that the organizers of the International Massage Therapy Research Conference (IMTRC) had planned for success. I came away from the experience with a bounty of take-away gems.

The Keynotes alone eloquently covered: how does massage therapy work and what does it affect[1]; how our communities can benefit from somatic empathy[2]; and how massage therapy supports moving away from a sickness care system toward a wellness system – a much needed shift as we increasingly observe the fall out associated with the paradox of progress[3].

Additionally, the presenters, panelists and posters covered a broad spectrum of valid and valuable massage therapy topics. Check out the Massage Therapy Foundation for a multitude of gems you can extract off the page and put to work on the table!

Beyond the planned and scheduled at a professional conference there is the fun of mixing, mingling and networking. You never know who you might meet and how that might support the trajectory of your professional experience, opportunities and growth [e.g. ‘new’, innovative publishers with a wealth of experience and a robust interest in manual therapy]. Meeting the lovely Mary Law at the IMTRC was indeed my serendipitous highlight!

Catherine Ryan RMT



[1] Janette Ezzo, LMT, MPH, PhD: Mechanisms and Beyond – What is Needed to Prove the Effectiveness of Massage?

[2] Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, NCB, LMHC, RPE: Somatic Empathy – Restoring Community Health with Massage.

[3] Janet R. Kahn, PhD, NCTMB: Massage in the 21st Century – Healthcare; Let’s Seize the Moment!