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Join movement educators and manual therapists in Handspring’s global forum for Moved to Learn!, a regular series of conversations that bring you expert guidance in how to enhance your practice. These free events will share theory, practice, insight and experience from renowned movement teachers and practitioners. Each event will include a mix of conversation, presentation, directed practice, and Q&A. Elizabeth Larkam, internationally respected movement teacher and innovator, and author of Fascia in Motion: Fascia-focused movement for Pilates is your host and moderator for this series of interactive sessions with Handspring Publishing authors. Full details at Moved to Learn!


Pilates Applications for Health Conditions

Join Madeline Black and Elizabeth Larkam to explore the history of research in the Pilates field, explaining how their forthcoming ground-breaking book (Pilates Applications for Health Conditions: Case Reports and Perspectives, due 2021) can contribute to the evolution of the Pilates profession. Discussion also includes the contribution that different forms of movement make to health and healing – yoga, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais. The presenters will also explore the history and use of assessment in Pilates practice, and introduce the unique Assessment (a series of movement tasks that relate to efficient gait) developed for their book. Subsequent webinars will focus on components of the Assessment, explaining its relevance to gait and to Pilates movement sequencing. Find full details of Pilates Applications for Health Conditions here.