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Write for us

How we can help
We recognize that for most authors, writing or contributing to a book has to be balanced with many other commitments in work and life.  Our mission as publishers is to be there for you – to offer as much support as possible without getting in the way.

With this in mind we will:

  • Help you develop the proposal for a new project – to make the most of what you have in mind
  • Make suggestions to improve the project in accordance with your and our publishing goals
  • Be receptive to your ideas and suggestions
  • Explain your contract in plain English
  • Give you prompt, constructive feedback
  • Explain the publishing process so that you know what’s going on
  • Keep you informed at all stages

What we are looking for
We welcome ideas for new publications.  Ideally, we want to hear from you in advance of your starting on your project.  This permits a constructive dialogue before the shape of the work is set in stone. Often feedback from a publisher and from external referees can stimulate a rethink – can suggest modifications or a new direction that will benefit the finished work.

When you approach us with an idea we will first of all assess whether what you have in mind fits with our overall publishing aims. Is the project broadly in one of the domains where Handspring Publishing is active? See Areas in which we publish for a list of these.

If the project is likely to fit our publishing direction, we will ask you for:

  • A detailed table of contents
  • Your estimate of the work’s likely overall length
  • An assessment of illustration requirements – photographs and/or drawings
  • The intended audience for your material; who will read it and why?
  • Your views on possibly competing works, and on how you see your publication improving on those competitors

We will probably send you our guide Submitting a new Proposal for you to complete – eliciting the above information and more. Depending on the nature of the project we may ask you to provide one or more sample chapters.

Once we have this material from you we will review the project, both internally and by asking external advisers to comment on it.  These referees’ reports will help us decide on whether to publish.  Just as importantly, they should help you in shaping your project for maximum effectiveness.

Our overriding question when considering a new project is: will it make a real difference for teachers, students, practitioners? Is there something special that will make it stand out?  Only then do we look at the economics, and assess whether the project is likely to be financially viable.