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Why the name Handspring Publishing?
Navigate here for a short explanation of the thinking behind this name.

What subject areas do you publish in?
We publish for professionals in bodywork, manual therapy and movement, and on basic science subjects (eg anatomy) relevant to these disciplines.  We recognize that demarcations between these therapeutic areas are often arbitrary; much of what we publish may appeal to a range of different groups. And we are always interested in ideas that extend boundaries, or build bridges between hitherto distinct areas. See here for more on this topic.

Are your books suitable for the general public?
Our output is primarily oriented to the professional therapist wishing to improve her/his capabilities and understanding. We are not trying to compete with the many publishers who focus on the general market. Having said that, some of our books will undoubtedly appeal to the layperson who wants to learn more about a condition and possible approaches to its management.

Whom should I contact about publishing a book with you?
Tell us what you have in mind at or complete the form here.  Or call us on +44 1875 341 859.

If I write a book with Handspring Publishing how long will it take you to publish it?
This will depend on the work’s complexity. We take care to ensure that our books are well illustrated, well designed, and produced to a high standard.  But normally we publish within six to eight months of delivery and acceptance of manuscript and artwork.

How do you support authors?
You can read about our approach to author care here.  We believe in working closely with authors to help them do the best for our customers – their eventual readers

In which countries do you market your books?
We market our books globally, according to the needs of the individual title.  There are clearly some countries where the techniques and therapies described in our books and journals are better established, and of course we will give greatest attention to such territories, but in principle we want to publish material for a world market.

Do you only publish in the English language? What about translations?
We are very keen to see our books translated into languages other than English, and work closely with the world’s most experienced rights agency in healthcare publishing, John Scott & Company.

Are you active in digital publishing? Do you publish e-books (eg for the Kindle)?
Several of our books are available in Kindle editions. We are also interested in ‘born digital’ projects that exploit electronic functionalities more fully than can a simple ‘book on a screen’.

How do I buy Handspring Publishing books?
You can order via this site; all our books are listed on the major e-bookshop sites; and most bookstores will be able to order our publications for you. We will also whenever possible make our books available at relevant conferences.

Are any discounts available for purchasing multiple copies?
Yes.  We encourage course leaders and instructors to make our books available to their students, and can negotiate reasonable terms for bulk purchases. See here for more information.

I am an instructor; how might I request an inspection copy of one of your books?
You can find information about inspection copy requests here.

Do you have an environmental policy as regards publishing?
You can find details of our commitment to sustainable publishing here.

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