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How we work with authors

Key first steps are to:

  • Agree a contract with you – and translate any jargon!
  • Send you our Guide for Authors – and go through it with you

We will meet you for a detailed discussion of the aims of the project – to ensure that we share a common vision of what the publication should achieve. We will go through:

  • Structure – the detailed chapter breakdown
  • The writing style – how language can be used to maximize utility for the reader
  • Illustrations – photographs and drawings – how they should best be used to complement text
  • Other devices – summary boxes, tables, marginal notes, index, glossary – that enhance usability
  • Any ancillary material – blogs, video clips, test material – to be created alongside the main work
  • The marketing plan  – which we see as something to which both sides can contribute
  • And of course the timetable – and what practical help we can give to enable you to complete on time and according to plan

We will keep in regular contact with you during the writing process, to find out how things are going, and to provide support, but we’ll try not to hassle you!

We may ask to see some of your completed material during this phase, so that we can plan or update the work’s design, and make sure as far as possible that there are no surprises.

Once your manuscript is complete…
….we will formally confirm our acceptance of your material. We will let you have a timetable setting out and explaining the various phases of production. In developing this schedule we will try to fit in with your own commitments.

During the production process…
…we will let you know what is going on, and explain any variations to the planned timetable.  We will give you plenty of warning of the arrival of proofs, and of the deadline for checking and returning these.

We will consult you over the cover design and layout of your book and take account of your ideas as far as possible.

And we will tell how many copies we plan to print, and what the selling price will be.

After publication
Many authors complain that once the work is launched, their publisher vanishes without trace!  We will be available at any time to answer queries about your publication’s progress; to review marketing plans; and to discuss further ideas for promotion. If you run your own courses we will also support you in becoming a reseller.  And we will of course provide you with marketing material of your own – e-leaflets and so on.

Writing and publishing a book is hard work, but should be a stimulating and satisfying experience.  Our commitment is to make this happen!

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