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Zero Balancing – an appreciative review from Dr Misty Rhoads PhD CZB

Zero Balancing: Conscious Touch and Transformation by pioneering transformative touch practitioner and teacher, James McCormick, is a profound and engaging textbook that teaches readers a multi-layered approach to working with the body, mind, and spirit through skilled, conscious touch. The author, a seasoned acupuncturist and Zero Balancing teacher, skilfully shares the power of living from our core selves through cases studies, research, and wisdom gained from decades as a teacher and practitioner.

Zero Balancing: ConsciouTouch and Transformation shows us that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and interdependent, and how Zero Balancing practitioners support the whole being with skills and training that help amplify wellness by bringing the physical and psycho-spiritual lives into balance.

The essence of the textbook lies in the fact that even though we live in a world that is stressful and may encourage people to repress their feelings, we can unify the body, mind, and spirit to help people connect back to their core selves and to help with healing. Emotional issues, trauma, and illness cannot be treated by isolating these dimensions, but by holistically treating the entirety of a person.

It is important to create a ‘frame’ for each client session

McCormick explains one of the basic beliefs in Zero Balancing, supported by our clinical experience – that we can find the vibration of every part of the person somewhere in their energetic field. Physicists can still find the vibration of the big bang present in the world today, even though it is now thought to be 13 billion years ago.  In a similar way, our earlier life experiences leave an energetic imprint in our bodies. We can find evidence of earlier traumas in the bones and energy of a person, and we can also always find the ‘wellness’ in a person’s vibration. A ZB practitioner can work with those imprints to assist the person in their journey towards self-actualization.

Jim introduces all the concepts crucial for understanding Zero Balancing, for instance: structure and energy, the importance of our bones, physiological working signs, creating a frame for the session, fulcrums, expanded states of healing, boundaries, trauma issues, and research. The author gives specific diagrams, charts, and real-life examples to increase understanding of the material. Jim’s writing style is dynamic and easy to comprehend.

After reading Zero Balancing: Conscious Touch and Transformation, I gained a deeper appreciation of the theory and process of Zero Balancing. I will be requiring this textbook in my Zero Balancing and Integrative Medicine courses. This book is full of wisdom and helps us understand the complexities of the body, mind, and spirit connection in healing and is brilliantly written to be accessible to both practitioners and lay public.

The journey to understanding healing, the body-mind-spirit connection, and becoming a skilful practitioner or living a skllful life, takes a lifetime, but if you want to understand the essence of Zero Balancing, transformative touch and its effect on people, in hours, you will want to read Zero Balancing: Conscious Touch and Transformation by Jim McCormick.

Dr Misty Rhoads PhD CZB, September 2021